Rumpelstiltskin, Space on the Mile, Review

Rating (out of 5)
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Red Bonnet Productions
Chris Walker (Director)Ray Curran (Writer)
Emma Jones, Charlie Sumpter, Georgia Scott, Hebe Knight, Aoife Smith, Amina Williams, Lizzie Widdecombe, Lily Bickers, Georgina Witcombe, Ellie Lambert, Neha Mehta, Maddie Quinn, Honor Fouracres, Lily Steven, Bea Bacon, Clarice Montero, Imogen Scobie, Hannah Johansson, Romilly Leech
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Fairytales and folklore will never lose their charm and with adaptations like Red Bonnet Productions they are surely here to stay.

Red Bonnet take on the tale of Rumpelstiltskin, a fairy who appears to those in need and offers them help. When Silke’s father gets ideas above his station she is taken to the palace and locked in a room under orders to spin straw into gold. A mysterious fairy appears and comes to her aid; but magic comes with a price.

This is an enchanting rendition of a now familiar tale, using puppetry and song. The puppet itself is suitably grotesque in an oddly beautiful way, handled well by three of the performers whose voices interchange as the fairy speaks. There is a clean look to the piece with minimal props and a visual scape using the all-black of youth theatre productions with a tasteful highlight of straw bales used in multiple ways.

The music is occasionally hit and miss and a couple of moments could be made better with energy. This is a charming performance nonetheless with appropriate artistic ideas and a young, all female cast. A production of which I think the brothers Grimm would be proud.

Times: 6-10 August, 6.20pm.
Tickets: £5 (£4)