City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Tomorrow, Maybe, C Nova, Review

By Gordon Clayton - Posted on 05 August 2016

Tomorrow Maybe
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C nova
AJC Productions
Running time: 
Kevin Jones (Director), Teddy Clements (Musical Director)
Sylvia Medina (Rosa), Rebecca Bailey, Liberty Buckland, Natalie Thorn, Robert Woodward, Matthew Boyd, Max Panks

Why wait until Tomorrow? Book now for this new musical by Amies & Clements. This is an intimate venue (theatre-speak for small) and as soon as word gets out the full house sign should be going up.

The room is so small that the Coffee House set comes right up to the audience. The cast does really well to perform when they can probably feel the breath, never mind the roar, of the crowd.

The wistful Rosa played by Sylvia Medina is the only constant as the other six actors switch roles as customers in her cafe. When you hear of actors having to 'get into role' these young people are so convincing that you had to check that it was the same actor when they moved from soldier to estate agent and nurse to cafe assistant, for example.

The songs cover relationships and issues like homelessness. While I would want to hear the tunes again to describe them as memorable, the lyrics are very clever and easy to make out.

The song about the different wants of men and women, Mars & Venus, was a highlight.

Director Kevin Jones has used every inch of the available space and the 'commuting' scenes were very well done. Rosa watches the lives of others played out in her cafe while dreaming of Sicily, but maybe that is for tomorrow.

The show is for 14 years plus.

Runs to 29 August, 3.15pm. £7.50-£11.50 (2 for 1 on 8 & 9 August)