Acéléré by Circolombia, Underbelly's Circus Hub, Review

Submitted by Jon Cross on Fri, 11 Aug '17 8.08am
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Circolombia in association with Underbelly
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Circolombia’s Acéléré is circus like you have never seen or heard before. It is an intoxicating South American cocktail of Latin music, songs, dance routines and jaw-dropping acrobatics, all performed with a wild, reckless energy.

From the first notes of the powerful original soundtrack, the audience are swept up and won over, not wanting the dancing to stop, but wondering what is coming next.

The acrobatic floorwork combines extraordinary strength and grace as performers are thrown high in the air to twist and somersault before being caught again with gentle ease. As the routines become more and more daring, the laws of gravity and physics seem to be challenged as the boundaries of the possible are pushed to the limit. There is a shared willingness in this group to take what look like terrifying risks, and the audience holds its breath or gasps by turns.

All of this is before they bring out the see-saw and a spring beam which will throw the performers still higher and faster These are fearless acts which depend on total trust. This is circus on the edge, and it is clearly where these performers want to be.

The work on the high ropes is also stunning and there is one outstanding balancing act which defies all logic.

If you see only one circus this year – and there are now so many to choose from - this is the one to go for; it deserves packed houses every night and will probably get them.

7- 26 August(not 9, 14, 21)at 9.15pm