Sinatra and Me (Again), Frankenstein Pub, Review

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Richard Shelton
Richard Shelton
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In this finely crafted, cool and charismatic Cabaret show, do not expect a typical Tribute act. The title, “Sinatra and Me (Again)”, presents a richly moving, personal narrative which links Richard Shelton, a British actor to Frank Sinatra, the most iconic and legendary musical superstar.

As the audience arrives downstairs at the Frankenstein Pub, (get there early to buy a drink at the bar and find a seat), a medley from the American Song Book plays on the soundtrack, the perfect ambience of a nightclub, downtown Manhattan. The mood is set, the lights dim and Richard Shelton steps on stage in a neat blue suit. Launching into “The Tender Trap,” from the first words, “ You see a pair of laughing eyes, And suddenly your sighing sighs ..”, we hear that unmistakeable, smooth, sultry, "worn velveteen" voice.

We are then taken on a journey, the story of Shelton’s career from TV drama to West End play, “Rat Pack Confidential”, to Los Angeles, as he follows his dream, via strange connections and coincidences, to embrace Sinatra’s life. While he admits he is the same size and height, he claims this is not an impersonation - “Frank sings like no-one else.”

As a most accomplished actor, he’s a master storyteller, relating fascinating stories behind the recording of classic songs, before soulful renditions of “You’ve got me under your skin”, “In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning,” "New York, New York" et al. He expresses such clarity of diction, timing, tone and phrasing, the poetic lyrics coloured with dramatic insight and real emotion.

After a show business career of more than 50 years, when Sinatra was asked to explain his universal popularity, he replied quite simply: "When I sing, I believe. I'm honest."

On stage, wearing Sinatra’s own original Tuxedo, Richard Shelton captures that honesty with every word he sings in this slick, stylishly sophisticated portrait of Frankie, aka the Voice. Pure romance.

4 - 28 August, @ 12 noon
Tickets - Free Fringe