The Art and Science of Gin, 99 Hanover Street, Review

Submitted by Erin Roche on Wed, 16 Aug '17 11.04am
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Edinburgh Gin
Tony McGeever (narrator, actor, guide),
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A delightful and completely sensorial experience, The Art and Science of Gin is a journey through the history and making of Edinburgh Gin. Taking your seats in the elegant 99 Hanover Street bar, different botanicals await at your table, waiting for you to taste, touch, and smell their flavours. A server brings out a crisp starter cocktail, a simple Edinburgh Gin and Fever Tree Tonic with a citrus peel for garnish.

On screens surrounding you from wall to ceiling a film plays, introducing a short history of gin, especially as it pertains to Edinburgh’s particular history with the spirit. Natural storyteller Tony McGeever narrates this film and later emerges as the host of this experience, guiding you through the variety of gin tastings and stories behind each ingredient, each process, each flavour of Edinburgh Gin.

A proud new company that has quickly become a world-renowned favourite, Edinburgh Gin delights you with this theatrical taster of their year-round distillery tour, and the experience is well worth the twenty quid. A nice addition to Fringe offerings, and a wonderfully interactive way to learn more about the beloved G&T. Look out also for the many Edinburgh Gin pop up bars throughout the city, and receive a quaint Edinburgh Gin passport following the performance- a completely stamped passport earns you a free cocktail!

16-27 (Not 21) August at 13:30, 15:00, 16:30 age 18+