Edinburgh Fringe

The biggest arts festival in the world.

This charming one act play (1935) by Noel Coward was later adapted into the classic romantic weepie Brief Encounter, (1945).

From Phantom of the Opera to Wicked, from West End to Broadway and beyond,  Musical theatre is big business.

Let’s start at the beginning.

No, a starting point, as Inflatable Space has a number of beginnings.

There's a fantastic projection set up when you enter the dance space. Every surface is covered in images.

The fundamentals of human existence – three quasi rituals, one fascinating show.

Scottish Dance Theatre is internationally renowned for creative, groundbreaking work while choreographer Colette Sadler explores the transforming p

In 2015, I reviewed Paperwork 2 for Edinburgh Guide...

Picture a hospital in the 1960's NHS with the apparent hygiene standards of a 1930's abattoir, and that is the atmospheric staging you are faced wi

Pretty Knickers Productions presents a dirty, gritty comedy full of swearing and hilarious dead-pan remarks, a good ol’ fashioned farce with over-t

“What happens is what happens."