Edinburgh Fringe

The biggest arts festival in the world.

There's a fantastic projection set up when you enter the dance space. Every surface is covered in images.

The fundamentals of human existence – three quasi rituals, one fascinating show.

Scottish Dance Theatre is internationally renowned for creative, groundbreaking work while choreographer Colette Sadler explores the transforming p

In 2015, I reviewed Paperwork 2 for Edinburgh Guide...

Picture a hospital in the 1960's NHS with the apparent hygiene standards of a 1930's abattoir, and that is the atmospheric staging you are faced wi

Pretty Knickers Productions presents a dirty, gritty comedy full of swearing and hilarious dead-pan remarks, a good ol’ fashioned farce with over-t

“What happens is what happens."

Taking Romeo and Juliet as an inspiration for this production, two a cappella groups battle it out for supremacy in this entertaining and

“Let’s disappear for a while into the decadent world of the 1920’s …”

A somewhat esoteric and quirky look at Nan Shepherd, this show focuses on the influences around Shepherd, inspiring her work and thought processes.