City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland


A Clown Show About Rain, Pleasance Dome, Review

A Clown Show About Rain - Silent Faces Theatre

As the storm-tossed ship dances on the waves the yellow oilskinned sailors fight for balance in graceful slow-mo.

Heroine, Assembly Hall, Review


A world premiere as part of Made in Scotland 2018, Heroine is a intimate retelling of rape survivor Danna Davis’ story.

FanDango, Bedlam Theatre, Review

FanDango - Babolin Theatre

Amidst strewn cardboard packing boxes, the cast gradually regain consciousness. “What a night!” groans Tom, playing a father, whose life is in tatters.

Freeman, Pleasance Courtyard, Review


The first black man to be born in America out of slavery chose his own name. He called himself Freeman.

The Greatest Play in the History of the World..., Traverse Theatre, Review

Julie Hesmondhalgh in The Greatest Play in the… - photo by Sid Scott

This cosmic love story launches with the Voyager probes hurtling into the outer Solar System bearing their time-capsule golden records intended to communicate to extra-terrestrials the history of our world.

On the Exhale, Traverse Theatre, Review

Polly Frame in On the Exhale - Photo by Sid Scott

Like a child a weapon won't be satisfied until it dominates your every thought.

Showmanship, C royale, Review

Showmanship - BoonDog Theatre

Listen carefully, the storm is coming. The wind is picking up, dirt is rising, electricity fills the air - and in the cloud? Monsters.

Game On 2.0, Free Sisters Pub, Review

We didn’t see the first Game On, but our host Matty - a burly, bearded Australian - sarcastically informs us at the start that the premise of Game On 2.0 is just the same.

Hidden Door Festival

Hidden Door, a not-for-profit arts organisation run entirely by volunteers, specialises in discovering disused spaces in Edinburgh and radically transforming them into temporary, but imaginative venue

The Persians (A Play a Pie and a Pint), Traverse Theatre, Review

The Persians

A Scot, an Englishman, and a Northern Irish woman walk into a bar…