T On The Fringe

There are some exceptionally gifted artists within the music scene in Scotland
these days. A great deal of these bands float among the high flyers of the British
music scene and benefit from the exposure that brings. The band Union of Knives have yet to be discovered

Having not really ever listened to The Sounds before - after sampling a few brief snippets of their songs on myspace and browsing through their live pictures, I assumed that they were perhaps a band who were probably better live than on a record.

The Teenagers are a French band originally from Paris and are now based in London. They possess a knack for developing catchy retro-synth beats and have an enthusiasm for bad language and girls.

Editors are one of those bands that you almost hope never quite make it to rock god status.

Rock indy acts from the 90's are a generation of bands hard to box within the musical tastes of the new millennium music culture.

I've watched with interest over the years a promising Dutch rock scene being overshadowed by the heavier metal rock scene of neighbouring Germany with only a handful of bands ever really breaking it in this country.

As far as partnerships are concerned most of us can agree that the more we have in common with each other; the more we are likely to gain success as a team.