City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh News: film

Edinburgh Conference Puts Film Audiences Under Microscope

Image from Stanley Kubrick's 1968 sci-fi classic 2001: A Space Odyssey

City film buffs and film researchers are being called on to attend the 3rd Edinburgh International Film Audiences Conference (EIFAC).

The small, bi-annual conference, which takes place at the Filmhouse between March 26th and 27th 2009, looks at a wide range of cinematic audiences from contemporary Taipai to popular Scottish audiences in the years 1896-1939, from babies to baby boomers.

Edinburgh Voted 6th Most Cinematic City

Jamie Bell in Hallam Foe

Edinburgh is the 6th most spectacular film location city in the world, according to a poll conducted by Sky Movies HD of around 1,000 film fans. At the top of the list came New York City followed by London and Rio De Janeiro in joint 2nd place, then Paris, Florence and Barcelona.

Blues Brothers Director Slated To Make Burke & Hare Film

John Landis, the veteran director who made blockbuster movies Animal House, Trading Places and the Blues Brothers, is lined up to make a black comedy for Ealing Studios about Edinburgh's most famous serial killers Burke and Hare.

Edinburgh Garvald Centre Short Film Wins Big

Garvald Centre bakers caught on camera in Yasmin Fedda's Breadmakers

A short film about the Garvald Centre bakery has won a $75,000 (£46,400) award at the Middle East International Film Festival in Abu Dhabi.

Edinburgh Film Pits Social Classes Against Each Other

Edinburgh-set New Town Killers premieres at the London Film Festival this month

An Edinburgh-set film premiering at the London Film Festival this month pits characters at either end of the city's social spectrum against each other in a deadly thriller. New Town Killers, which screens at the Leicester Square Odeon on 28 and 30 October and later this month at the Aberfeldy Film Festival, stars Dougray Scott and Alistair Mackenzie as two wealthy hedge fund managers in Edinburgh who get their kicks by hunting people down across the city.

Filmhouse Showcases London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Tiger Lilies

The Edinburgh Filmhouse is showcasing eight films from the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival between 1 and 28 August.

Robert Carlyle Becomes Edinburgh Film Festival Patron

EIFF2008 - Sean Connery and Robert Carlyle

The Edinburgh International Film Festival today confirmed that actor Robert Carlyle has accepted the role of Festival Patron

Somers Town Scoops Michael Powell Award at Edinburgh Film Festival

Somers Town Wins Michael Powell Award

Completely against my predictions (I plumped for Duane Hopkins Better Things), the prolific and ever popular Shane Meadows (having come close once before) wins the Michael

Mae West Has Smelly Feet While Vampire Flick is my Pick of the Film Festival

Let the Right One In Still 1.JPG

I have it on very good authority that to include the words 'Mae West' and 'Smelly Feet' into my blog and its title will ensure it thousands of hits in a matter of seconds so let's call this particular blog entry a social experiment. Now let's just skip that madness and get back to the real biscuit in hand - the very last official day

Faintheart Flashes Steel and Proves Its Mettle at Edinburgh Film Festival

EIFF 2008 Closing Film - Faintheart

EIFF Blog - Day 10. I racked up another Michael Powell Award contender last night in the shape of Matthew Thompson's debut feature Dummy.

Wall-E Rolls Out His Charm at Edinburgh Film Festival


A quick update. Since scribing a few words back there in my last blog on Better Things, I ought to tell you that I also saw Helen, also in contention for the Michael Powell award and Wall-E