Photographer Captures Local Scenes in Monochrome

‘’ is the simple title of the current exhibition of photography adorning the walls of ‘The Roamin Nose’ café on Eyre Place.

Featuring the work of husband and wife duo Paul and Lynn Henni, diners and drop-in customers alike have the opportunity to view some highly arresting images of local scenes as well as some from further afield.

The exhibition follows on from an earlier one featuring three other photographers (‘Four Reflect’) covered elsewhere on this website.

The photography here, however, represents more recent work by Paul Henni and is the debut showing of work by Lynn Henni.

Although the major part of the exhibition consists of Paul Henni’s remarkable monochrome studies, Lynn Henni’s ghostly butterflies and pin-sharp photographs of crustacea both point to an emerging talent and capacity to surprise.

Elsewhere, ‘Uptown, Downtown’ by Paul Henni, a view of George IV Bridge from the Cowgate, suggests a (possibly unconscious) comment on Owen Dudley Edwards literary image of James Connolly, born somewhere close at hand on the Cowgate, gazing up at Edinburgh’s haute bourgeoisie parading above him across the bridge.

Other monochrome views of Regent Bridge and Dean Village contrast with an atmospheric colour view of a street in Quito, Ecuador, as well as with other studies of the wild life of that country.

The Roamin Nose itself provides a pleasant retreat from other sorts of wild life it is possible to encounter in Edinburgh in August, and this selling exhibition is a welcome diversion from the pressures of more high-pressure marketing elsewhere in the city.

Prints are available for sale both as part of the exhibition or via the website.