City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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The Lamplighter's Lament Review

Fringe 2009: The Lamplighter's Lament

To deliver an affecting piece of theatre is an impressive achievement.  To do it without words and with props not much more sophisticated than a sheet of plastic and the contents of a suitcase is just stunning.

Forgotten Things Review

Fringe 2009: Forgotten Things

In a monochrome world, a dysfunctional family search for forgotten things.  These are not necessarily physical but are rather points in time when they had mental health - when everything was right.  "Did we go wrong?" ask self-absorbed parents Philip and Margot as they struggle with their own loss of direction and a household shared with a suicidal teenager and his senile grandmother.

Beast Review

Fringe 2009: Beast

There is a certain reputation that follows an artist. That of heavy drinking, cigarette smoking, fiendish, womanising pirate. An individual who cannot seem to gather together inspiration unless he (and it is always a he) sleeps with a different person on every day of the week.

Auto-Da-Fe Review

Appearances can be deceptive. Something can look so perfect on the outside. Beautiful in every way that you can see. There is no chance, no way, that this could have a fault. Like a pizza behind the counter, it has all the ingredients that you desire and it looks...boy, it looks great.

Crave Review

Crave by Royal Holloway Theatre

Since its first performance at Edinburgh's Traverse Theatre in 1998, Sarah Kane's Crave has become a classic and a Fringe perennial.  There are two new productions this year.  One of these is by The Royal Holloway Theatre, created by "organically rehearsing the play with ideas being injected at every stage".

The Tao of Everest Review

Fringe 2009: Tao of Everest's Ian Woodall

If, when this reviewer was younger, Ian Woodall had been teaching at his old school rather than presenting his Tao of Everest, he might have paid more attention. Woodall certainly has a tale to tell, having climbed Everest on three occasions, although only officially reaching the summit on two of these. The reasons behind those climbs form the core of Woodall's narrative.

Palace of the End Review

Fringe 2009: Palace of the End

Palace of the End is a play about Iraq.  It is a set of monologues involving three characters who have been integrally involved in the story of this illegal war.

High Tease Review

Fringe 2009: High Tease

The last time I saw an audience as glamorous as the one at High Tease, was at a Bryan Ferry concert. Say no more! This was my first taste of a burlesque show so the clues were there already for a fantastic, glittering, liberating, cheekily funny night.

A Grave Situation Review

A Grave Situation

It pays to read EdinburghGuide reviews.  Had I looked at those of previous Young Pleasance shows I could have anticipated a treat.  As it was, I picked it from the Fringe programme risking that i

The Sociable Plover Review

The Sociable Plover

When a play has the Masterson seal, it very rarely disappoints. After surviving nineteen
years on the Fringe, Guy Masterson is a master pedagogue, a purveyor of quality Fringe shows, and the Sociable Plover is one from his top drawer.

Orphans Review

Fringe 2009: Orphans

After a string of award winning stage plays (After the End, Osama the Hero, and Love and Money) as well as a successful BBC 3 comedy series, Pulling, Dennis Kelly draws together his dual writing talent in this world premiere of Orphans which follows his recurring theme of truth and justice cut through with biting black humour.