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City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Dan March - Goldrunner Review

By JD Stewart - Posted on 18 August 2009

Fringe 2009: Dan March, Goldrunner
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Unexpected Productions
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It must be a pain doing a show late in the afternoon. I’m not sure if I would take it as an insult that you are not good enough to do one in the prime time evening slots. This isn’t the case for Dan March’s Goldrunner.

I instantly liked March. His floppy hair, chatty and welcoming friendliness made me think of an old friend that I hadn’t seen in years. This was something that he kept up throughout the duration of the show. Asking people’s names and just making that extra bit of effort. Something that you obviously can’t do in a bigger venue or at a different time.

The premise of Goldrunner is very simplistic. March uses his childhood appearance on the hit TV show Blockbusters as a starting point. He then uses this to talk about how he hasn’t won at any other point in his life. At times he is very self-deprecating, for reasons unbeknown to myself or anybody else it seemed.

What impressed me most was his use of smaller jokes, which many in the audience seemed to miss, purely because of the speed they came out of his mouth. Also, his use of such a simple idea and his jaunty persona really shone. March goes on to explain how within the game show the rules are simple. You can either win or lose; it’s black and white, whereas within life, things really aren’t as simple as that.

If you are looking for something a lot lighter then this is definitely the show for you. March portrays his point through an interesting idea, which manages to engage until the very end.

Times: til 31 August, 4.30pm