Purposeless Movements, The Studio, Review

Birds of Paradise produced Purposeless Movements back in 2016 to address a specific medical description of CP:  "Which of our movements are purposeless?" The production dives into what it means to be a man living with Cerebral Palsy. Four professional actors with varying intensity of the condition present their perspective in an open, funny and poignant manner.

Numbers, C Aquila, Review

Oxford-based, student-run Mercury Theatre in their most recent venture have decided to tackle male mental health with Numbers. All starts well, with the first scene focusing on Jack as he lists his achievements of which he is most proud. He speaks to empty chairs set up like a support group. This is the one and only time numbers are truly referenced in the play, as Jack counts how many beers he can down and how many bites it takes for him to swallow a Big Mac.

Being Frank, theSpace on North Bridge, Review

As the cast enter the space, they perform basic movement sequences and speak abstract sentences as they are ‘reflections’ of one another. Frank stands, and suddenly the dramatic style is dropped; a relief fills the room. Being Frank is a brutally personal journey into modern masculinity. Holden reveals how he struggled to put this idea to paper, that his mental health talked down every option. He manages an incredibly difficult display of honesty without crossing over into self-obsession, showing his pain without asking for sympathy or respect.

Queer Faith and theMany: Radical Faeries, Leith Depot, Review

A show which, by its own definition, resists classification into any one category!

theMany – a “genderqueer blue collection of creatures in one body” – gently explores the kaleidoscope of emotions associated with the meaning of identity through the medium of song, and gentle interactive narration. With a distinctive bass Belgian voice, and a rich sonorous tone, theMany sings all of the songs acapella, and without text.

Buy Nothing Day UK

Submitted by edg on Tue, 13 Nov '18 6.47pm

Shoppers of the world are being asked to put down their carrier bags on what is traditionally one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year, put up their feet and/or do something fun and free for the  annual Buy Nothing Day.