City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland


EIBF 2017: Harriet Harman with Ruth Wishart in the Chair, Gender Politics

Ruth Wishart in the Chair, introduced Harriet Harman as someone who had her own set of rules; she was a housewife and a mum - so how did she rise to great heights in the Labour Party as the Deputy Le

EIBF 2017, Richard Ford: Filial Bond, Review

This year, the Edinburgh International Book Festival has been privileged to welcome two of the United States’ most distinguished novelists; Paul Auster is the austerely if bleakly comedic post-modern

EIBF 2017: From Merchiston, with Mirth - Alexander McCall Smith, Review

Alexander McCall Smith .. in the real Scotland Street as featured in his fictional tales.

There is happy buzzing chatter from the capacity audience in the Main Theatre.

EIBF 2017: Nicholas Hytner: Making Theatre Popular

Nicholas Hytner’s ‘Balancing Acts’ is the latest in a considerable line of memoirs produced by former directors of England’s National Theatre.

EIBF 2017: Alexander Moffat and Alan Riach: Framing the Arts Debate

The ‘Bosco Theatre’, one of the Edinburgh International Book Festival’s satellite venues on George Street, seemed an odd choice for situating what proved one of its more stimulating events.

EIBF 2017: Sally Beamish & Evelyn Glennie, Mood Music: Majesty to Melancholy

David Mitchell started by explaining that he was the author and not the comedian!

EIBF 2017: Visions of the Future: Scotland, Edinburgh International Book Festival

This event proved one of the most stimulating and thought provoking this reviewer has thus far attended at the 2017 Edinburgh International Book Festival.

EIBF2017: Richard Dannatt with Sheena McDonald in the Chair, Leading from the Front

Sheena McDonald greeted us all and emphasised that this was The Dickson Minto event and that for their sponsorship we are most grateful.

EIBF 2017: Jeremy Paxman with Ruth Wishart in the Chair, Questions,Questions, Questions

Ruth Wishart had a quick barbed comment when she saw that Jeremy Paxman had brought in a glass of wine: "Dutch courage!" But she went on to say that the two most feared words were 'Jeremy' and 'Paxman

EIBF 2017: Leon Morrocco with Liz Lochhead

This was one of the most disappointing sessions I have been to in the Book Festival.