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A crowd of around 12,000 people packed into the Royal Mile to get Edinburgh’s official Christmas festival

Buy Nothing Day advocates want shoppers to take a break on the traditionally busiest day of the year.

24 Doors of Advent is a variation on the well-received Doors Open Days where a variety of different venues that

Other countries go crazy at Halloween. Here it's Bonfire Night, aka Guy Fawkes, is marked with fiery celebrations.

A new festival starts the year with events centred around Scotland's national bard Robert Burns.

Community fireworks display, one of many Bonfire Night events, on Links Road, Port Seton.

Philippine dancing, African drumming, belly dancing, Cuban salsa and a Chinese lantern display are coming in most "culturally diverse" Edinburgh Diwali yet.

The three-day Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Festival 2019/2020 embellishes the tried-and-tested formula with a mix