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Festival of Politics

The Festival of Politics is a populist, accessible festival set in the Scottish parliament at Holyrood. The festival pulls together talks, debates, film screenings, music, food, and exhibitions.

edg Fri, 6 Sep '19 8.24pm
Doors Open Days

Around 150 buildings, many off-bounds to the general public during the rest of the year, throw open their doors, and gates for the annual Edinburgh Doors Open Day.

Doors Open Day has taken place each year, since 1991, and over the whole weekend since 2009.

edg Fri, 6 Sep '19 8.01am
Edinburgh Riding of the Marches
edg Thu, 5 Sep '19 10.00am
Edinburgh Christmas Light Night

Edinburgh's Christmas season launches on the second last Sunday of November, with the first in a series of Christmas light nights.

edg Thu, 5 Sep '19 9.37am
Easter Monday

Easter Monday is a local public holiday in Edinburgh held on the day after the Christian celebration of Easter (Easter Sunday).

edg Thu, 5 Sep '19 8.20am