City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland


Edinburgh International Children’s Festival includes new show from Catherine Wheels and National Theatre of Scotland

Slumber Sisters image credit Christopher Bowen.jpg

A co-production from award winning Lothian based children’s theatre company Catherine Wheels and the National Theatre of Scotland, that begins a tour of Scotland early May, will form part of this year

The Weir, King's Theatre, Review


Lights flicker in a cosy, small town Irish pub. Eerie music plays so softly it plays tricks on your mind, making you wonder if it’s really there or if you’re imagining it.

The Sound of Music 2018, Edinburgh Playhouse, Review


If The Sound of Music is one of your favourite things, then this production is all the warm woollen mittens you’ll need this chilly February.

The Belle’s Stratagem, Lyceum, Review

The Belle's Stratagem photo credit Mihaela Bodlovic.jpg

Hannah Cowley’s near forgotten 18th century feminine riposte to George Farquhar’s earlier play The Beaux’ Stratagem has been revived in a hilarious fantoosh farce by the master of the form, T

Showtime from the Frontline, Traverse Theatre, Review


Mark Thomas has a long history of picking his way through a precarious path, with protest on one side and comedy on the other, so it’s rather fitting that the inspiration for his latest gig, Showt

The Match Box, Traverse, Review

Janet Coulson in Match Box.jpg

The unspeakable tragedy of losing a child lies at the heart of this Frank McGuinness’ 2012 monologue The Match Box.

Noel Coward's Private Lives, Brunton Theatre, Review

Gareth Bennett-Ryan and Helen Keeley in Private Lives, London Classic Theatre (photo credit, Sheila Burnett)

“Chance rules my life” comments Amanda to Victor, on the first night of their honeymoon. “It was chance meeting you. It was chance falling in love; it's chance that we're here ..

Pressure, King's Theatre, Review 2018

Pressure (by Drew-Farrell)

Four years after Pressure premiered in Edinburgh at the Lyceum in 2014, the play returns to the city with David Haig once again at its head.

Traverse Theatre announces Two New Creative Appointments

The Traverse Theatre announces the appointments for 2018 of two Glasgow based new creatives, that see the theatre continue to support and champion woman writers in developing a piece of work from firs

Twelve Twelve Double Bill, Wee Red Bar, Review


Edinburgh-based Twelve Twelve Theatre is a new company with a big ambition. During 2018, they plan to write, produce and stage twelve new plays in twelve months (hence the name, presumably).