The Sweetest Growl, Traverse Theatre, Review Vivien Devlin Wed, 16 Oct '19 2.20pm
Hilary Lyon and Elaine C Smith as Kate and Mary in The Sweetest Growl

Mary McGowan, who passed away four years ago aged 85, enjoyed global success as the singer with the Clyde Valley Stompers, performing with Louis Armstrong an

The Night Watch, King’s Theatre, Review Angela Milton Wed, 16 Oct '19 4.06am
A budding relationship is sealed with a kiss: Izabella Urbanowicz as Julia and Phoebe Pryce as Kay. Photo by Mark Douet.

Set in an atmospheric 1940s London, this looks at the impact of war and the unexpected changes it brings.

The Panopticon, Traverse Theatre, Review Angela Milton Mon, 14 Oct '19 3.18am
Anna Russell-Martin as Anais, lying in a bath, imagining "I'm just a girl with a shark's heart@. Image by Mihaela Bodlovic.

A hard-hitting and emotionally-charged show, The Panopticon looks at young people in the care system and finds them far, far from being supported wi

The Stornoway Way, The Studio at the Festival Theatre, Review Angela Milton Sat, 12 Oct '19 4.18am
Contemplating the world after a few drinks. L-R: Chloe-Ann Tylor (Eva), Naomi Stirrat (Roman Stornoway), Rachel Kennedy (Eilidh) by Leila Angus

Based on playwright Kevin MacNeil’s own book, The Stornoway Way in theatrical form is a different manifestation, with the original single male voice

Love Letters to Lavender Menace, The Lyceum, Review Erin Roche Fri, 11 Oct '19 9.33pm
love letters to lavender menace

It is astounding to think that in homes across Scotland on Thursday night, 10th October 2019, Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK plays on mainstream BBC telly

An Inspector Calls, King's Theatre, Review Lindsay Corr Thu, 10 Oct '19 5.30pm
An Inspector Calls Review - King's Theatre, October 2019

J.B. Priestley's morality play is a scathing criticism of Victorian and Edwardian societies from a socialist perspective, highlighting that society as a whole should share responsibility and collectively examine our conscience.