Citizens of Nowhere? (2019), Sweet Novotel, Review Angela Milton Sat, 24 Aug '19 3.45am

This is an interesting, intimate look at identity and belonging, focusing on the different perspectives of three members of a British Chinese family. A site-specific piece, it is set in a restaurant, with the audience wearing headsets, as voyeurs of this private family discussion. The audience is also given a drink to take to the table, adding to the immersion of the piece.

Sense and Sensibility (2019), theSpace @ Niddry Street, Review Angela Milton Sat, 24 Aug '19 1.46am

Humour is laced throughout this delightful adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. Managing to keep a great deal of the story in this condensed version, this is a fun and engaging show that should keep Austen fans happy.

Shadow of the Rose (2019), PQA Venues, Review Angela Milton Fri, 23 Aug '19 7.39pm

Looking at the resistance work of the White Rose group, composed of activists in Germany rebelling against Hitler, this is a poignant true tale of the sacrifice made by many. By the use of young people in this production, it serves as a reminder of just how young those involved were, including Munich University students and their professor.

Still Life, theSpace on the Mile, Review Vivien Devlin Fri, 23 Aug '19 5.47pm

This charming one act play (1935) by Noel Coward was later adapted into the classic romantic weepie Brief Encounter, (1945). A romantic tale of a lonely mother and housewife, swept off her feet by a handsome stranger with the chance to escape her dull suburban life.

Inflatable Space, Assembly Roxy, Review Kenneth Scott Fri, 23 Aug '19 1.30pm

Let’s start at the beginning.

No, a starting point, as Inflatable Space has a number of beginnings.

Thaddeus Phillips hefts a large black canvas bag onto the stage. It’s heavy because it contains the universe.  Sitting in the audience he watches as the contents of the bag unfold, cocoon like, to fill the stage.

Purposeless Movements, The Studio, Review Rhona Mackay Thu, 22 Aug '19 1.45am

Birds of Paradise produced Purposeless Movements back in 2016 to address a specific medical description of CP:  "Which of our movements are purposeless?" The production dives into what it means to be a man living with Cerebral Palsy. Four professional actors with varying intensity of the condition present their perspective in an open, funny and poignant manner.

Heir Heads, theSpace on North Bridge, Review Rhona Mackay Thu, 22 Aug '19 1.13am

Pretty Knickers Productions presents a dirty, gritty comedy full of swearing and hilarious dead-pan remarks, a good ol’ fashioned farce with over-the-top, comical characters who are all fighting over the will of a wealthy, promiscuous older gentleman. Three bratty sisters believe they’re going to walk away with his entire fortune before a suspicious stranger slips in at the last second to receive the lot.

Bear Pit, PQA Venues @ Riddle’s Court, Review Kenneth Scott Wed, 21 Aug '19 8.08pm

“What happens is what happens."

So we are told after audience members select from a number of boxes marked with names and containing outfits.  The result is that we have Dani, Seb, Mags, Lucy and Ben standing before us.

Lest You Forget, Greenside @ Royal Terrace, Review

Set at the end of WWII, Lest You Forget is a touching play from this young theatre company. Looking at the impact of war on those involved in the fighting, it explores how relationships are affected and the choices made because of this.

The actors work well together as an ensemble, with several lovely moments where there are choreographed sections of movement, during dance routines and storytelling segments. In addition, a couple of the cast members perform songs that showcase their voices well.