City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Trams - Does the City Really Want Them by Christmas?

By actionman - Posted on 29 July 2013

Today's article in The Scotsman promising the beleaguered citizens of Edinburgh "the tram by Christmas" might be seen by some more of a threat than a promise. For those who actually live in the city and have to walk, cycle or drive along the streets of the city it will be a relief to have the works completed and the dreadful prisoner of war style cages removed from routes like Shandwick Place and York Place. The retailers - those that are left - will struggle to pick up their businesses again in areas that may then seem more friendly and accessible.

Everyone must be happy for those people who have had to endure so much for so many years; but for many businesses it will never be the same again as people will have moved on and found new outlets or suppliers. So for these traders let us show some relief, but the Council need to remember that these same traders need to receive proper recompense for what they have had to endure. It cannot just be swept under the carpet and forgotten after a few carefully chosen words from Councillors or officials.

Some of the statements quoted in The Scotsman article appear to be utterly naive in the extreme; for instance one would think from reading what Gordon Henderson of the Federation for Small Businesses had to say, that the city had no kind of public transport before deciding on the tram project! Where these thousands of "extra shoppers" are going to come from seems not only extraordinary but incredible! Have they been hiding away and waiting for the tram before venturing out to shop? What utter rubbish! In any event the tram does not go where people need transport and for the off-road section it is hardly serving the community in a meaningful way. If you want to travel to the city centre from the airport the tram is an option but with only 78 seats out of a 250 capacity it has its limitations - especially if you have just flown the Atlantic and need a seat!