Auto, Auto

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Christian Von Richthofen, Rolf Clausen

I was somewhat intrigued by the premise of this show: two Germans smashing a car to
music! It is certainly an original idea, the likes of which most
festival-goers will have never encountered. The Germans in question
are Christian Von Richthofen, former music teacher and
talented percussionist, and his partner in crime Rolf Clausen who
lends support by injecting comedy and putting the boot into the
beleaguered car.

The show started slowly, with no car
demolition, and an unexpectedly melodic version of Bach's Toccata
and Fugue, performed in a scat style. The performers swiftly moved on
to the thing everyone was waiting for, car abuse, with a Latin
number. From this point the car became the focus for increasingly
energetic and forceful rhythms. Melodies were provided by means of
scat and singing which is tuneful and well executed. The drumming duo
create a fabulous range of tones and beats from various parts of the
car, Von Richthofen creating a high hat effect with a windscreen
wiper and windows are transformed into single use crash cymbals.

The show's only downfalls are a few
very German comedy interludes, such as Clausen's Hitler monologue
and an incomprehensible poem read in the mother-tongue. These aside
though the show was well paced and by the end the audience were
clearly ready for the car to see some serious damage, skilfully
applied with a combination of hammers, axes, sticks and picks.

By the end the car, which started out
shiny (and in better nick than mine) is reduced to a mangled heap.
The show is worth seeing for the spectacle, but don't expect comic

Times: 5:30pm, until 27 August. Tickets are £14 - £15.