British Piano Music - Iain Farrington

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Iain Farrington (piano)

British piano music was Iain Farrington’s interesting programme. Included were bagatelles, folk dance music, a hymn tune, dance for harpsichord and to finish, Bax's In a vodka shop.

Because of the way he told us about each of the seven pieces before playing it there was a real feeling that the composers had discussed the work with him and he was one of their close friends - Britten, Vaughan Williams, Walton, Howells, Delius and Bax. This, of course, cannot be. Additionally he treated us to one of his own variations on a theme of Mozart. But he is yet a young man with a prosperous career ahead. With his fine style he delighted us with a bright and cheerful range of home grown twentieth century music on St Andrew’s and St George’s Yamaha piano.

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