Crossing the River Jordan

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El Funoun Group
Okan Yahsi (director), Pat Smith (assistant director), Anne Alden and Anita Shanley (producers)
Anne Alden (Archaeologist), Andrew Menicuik (Faux News announcer), Demet Kazanoglu (Yasmin), Okan Yahsi (Wael), Shereen Whiten (Passenger), Kaya Tasci (Passenger), Dieter Lane (Soldier One), Gordon David (Soldier Two), Hasan Cetinkaya (The Boy)
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Crossing the River Jordan focuses on three stories involving Palestinian confrontation with Israeli guards at this particular checkpoint where sixty years ago, fifty thousand Palestinians were forced to leave their homes after the State of Israel was formed. The show is an important reminder of the continuing sense of disempowerment felt by Palestinians, but it is also poignantly reminiscent of the Jews' plight in Nazi Germany.

The play is divided into two segments - documentary and drama - both of which are interspersed throughout the production. The documentary aspect of the enduring Middle East conflict is related via a television "presenter," who recounts the conflict from an Israeli point of view, and an "archaeologist" who discusses it from a historical Palestinian perspective, which gives us an understanding of how the Arabs and Jews co-existed comfortably for a very long time in this part of the world before l948.

When the harrowing Palestinian stories are related at the checkpoint we also hear the voices of dissenting Israeli soldiers. Seldom heard, it is important to recognise that not all young men in Israel are in support of their government's policies.

The El Funoun Group is a non-professional company and the acting was stilted at times. Nevertheless, the stories told were a valid and continuing reminder that a resolution to the Middle East crisis must be sought in an effort to finally end the carnage of innocent Palestinians.

Dates and Times: Aug 4-9, 11:30