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Tara Flynn
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The first impression you get when you walk into Tara Flynn's musical comedy act, Big Noise, is the sheer warmth and affability of this small Irish woman (who is, as she puts it, in her "middle youth"). She has an almost unmatched ability to put an audience at its ease, beginning the show by making sure everyone has the drinks they want and reminding them the bar is open if they don't. This coupled with a kind of manic energy puts one in mind of Mrs Doyle before she lost her marbles (and minus the mole) and her vibracy comes across in her material with a sparkling wit that is impossible not to like.

The kind of musical comedy Flynn creates is an eclectic mix of varying styles, all performed with an ear for surreal riffs and a wonderfully soulful and rich vocal range. Beginning with a song delicously mocking the icky "quirkeyness" of mockney-accented hipsterdom, with its lack of sincerity and hypocritical veganism, she then goes on to perform a smoky salsa about the service industry, a wonderfully silly parody of Enya, a strikingly realistic impersonation of Bjork and a surprisingly sweet love song about Stockholm Syndrome. Her catalogue of songs are both well-written and funny, her utterly likable personality somehow comfortably running alongside some fairly barbed jokes.

The one disadvantage which Flynn suffers from is that it is just her on stage, no backing band, and no official lighting crew, just her, her iPod and her mic. Whilst this might have hamstrung a lesser performer, Fynn copes admirably, never missing a beat and getting consistent laughs throughout, with some brilliant physicality in performance and, at her best, some comedically masterful material.

If you decide to go to see Tara Flynn's show you will not be disappointed; she is an eminently likable host for an hour in the evening. With good-quality comedic songs and a sharp sense of humour, this former voice of Irish tourist ads has a genuine talent, and, in her "middle youth" is leaps ahead of some performers you would have to pay to see.

Show Times: 10-27 Aug, 17:05

Ticket Prices: Free