Catie Wilkins: A Chip Off the Odd Block Review

Submitted by JD Stewart on Mon, 8 Aug '11 2.45pm
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Corrie McGuire for Objective Talent
Catie Wilkins
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I am an extremely big fan of female comics. Having never heard of Catie Wilkins, but being drawn in from the smile on the poster for her show: A Chip off the Odd Block. I was full of anticipation, hoping to see another woman who can join the throng of females who can really make me laugh.

Starting ten minutes late, isn’t a good thing in the Festival. After some seat swaps to make it easier for certain members to get out (so many shows, so little time). Catie came to the stage, dressed in jeans and a pretty top to tell us why she hopes she is not like her parents. The thing about Wilkins is that she performs gentle comedy, but there was always that glint in her eye to show that there could well be someone who is cruder dying to jump out.

Comedy doesn’t always have to be rude though and Wilkins shows this off to no end. Using more of a narrative – she has written a children’s book too – with cliff-hangers and everything, the audience responded to her ever growing fear of being just like mum and dad.

As someone who has seen many people over the years, I think Wilkins could have the potential to stick. Her doe-eyed look made me want to give her a hug, as a girl who, to her own admittance is a bit odd told the ugly duckling who turns into a swan story, which is essentially a metaphor for her.

Wilkins’ story is expertly constructed, extracting laughs at the right places and will no doubt strike a chord with many an audience member. It wasn’t necessarily what I was expecting, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.  

Times: Aug 3rd - 29th (Not 15th) @ 20:00.

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