Chris Martin. No, Not That One Review

Submitted by JD Stewart on Mon, 8 Aug '11 6.34pm
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Corrie McGuire for Objective Talent
Chris Martin
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Chris Martin seems to be everywhere I go in Edinburgh. The poster for his show (cheeky smile, unshaven face and his name in red letters) is on every corner I turn and on every pillar I walk past. I would imagine, that with a name like Chris Martin – shared with the Coldplay front man – people can do nothing but talk or be intrigued.

Having known nothing about Martin, before entering the Delhi Belly at the Cowgate, I had no clue as to what he was going to be like. The small space (too small for this guy) was packed out and it was only his first show. It felt like everyone in Edinburgh had also seen the poster, read the name and just like me were intrigued to see what was going on – even the Hamiltons were there!

The structure of the show was simple: things are funnier when you’re with your mates. This concept, to me, summed up exactly who Martin is without being ashamed of it. He is an everyman, a man of today’s generation, a man that everyone can relate to without having to push a suspension of disbelief.

Whereas other comedians use certain aspects of themselves (race, sexuality and religion) as the joke, Martin has picked up on the fact that nobody really likes being alone and when you’re friends and family, everything is better and funnier. The way he tells his stories, does nothing more tan push every comedy button to the point where it could be nothing more than sheer genius.

Before I watched him, I had thought how this year there had been no buzz, no names flying around, no people to look out for. When I left, the buzz had began and why? Martin is relatable, so much so, that I rang all my friends (who I wished had been there) and told them how much I appreciate having fun with them. If you see one person this August, make it Chris Martin…no not that one.

Times: Aug 6-9, 12-14, 19-21, 26-28: 19:35 - £10:50 (£9:50); Aug 10-11, 16-18, 22-25: 19:35 - £9:50 (£8:50)