Christmas for Two: Friends With You Review

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Sarah Campbell, Amy Hoggart
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It's rare that you see a genuinely natural comedic partnership - often double-acts are simply thrown together by necessity or, like wildebeest, for the sake of safety in numbers. In the Case of Chistmas for Two we find a pairing which seems as natural as Morcombe and Wise, or Mitchell and Webb.

The confidence and on-stage chemistry which these two very young, but already very experienced performers exude is impressive, they simply own the stage like they've been doing this for their entire lives.

This very witty sketch show simply bubbles along on a bed of silliness and charm. These young performers have an enviously large reserve of talent and this reviewer is unashamed to admit he is very jealous. Their comic acting contains many nice, subtle touches, and though the pace occasionally lags, the sketches are very clever and Sarah Campbell and Amy Hoggart are nothing if not great character actors.

The sketches themselves have a decent dose of originality, running the gamut from nightmarish holiday reps, to a very repressed old couple, to possibly the worst kareoke song ever conceived. They interact well with the audience; there is a chance you will be pulled up on stage to be included into one of their sketches if you go along!

Overall, a very understated, but undeniably funny sketch show from two performers who are not yet at their peak, but if this is what they are like on their way up, seeing these two when they reach the height of their powers will be something to behold.

Show Times: Til 28 Aug, 16:55

Ticket Prices: £6.50