Korean Drum: Journey of a Soul Review

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Kook Soo-Ho’s Didim Dance Company Review
Kook Soo-Ho (Choreographer)
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This is not so much a show as an experience, immensely enjoyable and a spectacular outpouring of dancing and drumming, and frequently both simultaneously. Fifteen dancers and drummers deliver high energy entertainment that commands the full attention of the audience. Adult and child alike are gathered up in the visual and auditory feast.

The production is apparently by Kook Soo-Ho, who is amongst the most famous Korean dancers and choreographers and was responsible for the amazing opening of the Seoul Olympics.

It's hard not to be impressed by the driving charismatic playing of the men and the equally strong and graceful playing and dancing of the women. There's elegance and power on the stage throughout the show, the comedy interludes might be tightened up, but they are secondary to the main event. As an ensemble piece it would be hard to find better.

The female performers make an impressive group, not only drumming with exceptional focus and dexterity but also dancing with balletic skill and synchronicity. This is undoubtedly a show that virtually anyone can enjoy simply because the energy and enthusiasm of the performers is infectious from the moment they walk out onto the stage.

Show times: 4 - 28 August, (not 8 or 15), 16:00 (17:00)

Ticket prices: £8 - £15