The Music of Les Miserables Review

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Dysart Productions
Rosie Hill (Director)
Cast of 20 members
Running time

Aspiring west end stars enhance their reputations in this tribute to Les Miserables and other Musicals. Despite the name the company are from down south and not from across the Forth.

The company themselves recruit their cast through auditions so it’s ironic that the format of the show is an audition for a production of Les Miserables. It’s a bit like ‘A Chorus line’ but without a tap shoe in sight. The first phase is various singers coming forward with their audition piece while the others lounge about waiting their turn, occasionally relieving their boredom by joining in. As you go in the audience is thanked for coming to the audition and for a moment you think you might be part of the entertainment. The casting director sits out front organising the wannabees and sets the real audition underway.

Opening with a number from West Side Story, the cast deliver the number with pace and clarity and you quickly realise the bonus of live performance backed by a great sound system.

Solos and Duets follow one after another all to high standard and some to excellence.

The quality of voice is there throughout but it’s the way some singers tell the story that catches the eye.

Vicky Buxton is one who knows how to get the most of her songs ‘When you’re good to Mama’ from Chicago and as Madame Thenardier in Les Mis. Laura Cooper’s song from ‘Cabaret’ was another example of leading lady material. Others that stood out for me were Callum Simon for Bui Doi, -David Reilly in all his roles and Brad Clapson for the Inn-keeper Thenardier and Gaston.

Sam Nunn, Matt Ronchetti, Anastasia Palikeras, Laura Phillips, Megan Gibson, James Gribble and Scott Hunter. all have voices to savour.

The principals and ensemble finish off the show with a medley from Les Miserable bringing good memories of this year’s 25th Anniversary Concert.

Show times: Runs to 29 Aug (not 15)

Tickets: £6.50 - £11-50