The Animals and Children Took to the Streets Review

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1927 first appeared in our Fringe brochures four years ago, with their incredible debut Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Now returning, with their trademark animation and live performance, expectations are high; they haven’t disappointed.

The story tells of the Bayou Mansions, a cockroach-infested tenement block. As its children become increasingly restless with the miserable life before them, their nighttime antics begin to spill into the sparkling city, as they search for something better. The mayor’s responding actions lead to a sinister outcome, but you can’t help but love that everything goes wrong for our downtrodden anti-heroes in this offbeat tale of miserable and uncouth life.

You soon forget where projection starts and live action ends, as the actors disappear into blackness between each screen and interact with the world produced around them without a flaw. The animations are writhing with life of their own, too; cockroaches scuttle, light bulbs throb, and children scamper across the tabloid headlines of their frightful behaviour.

Certain characters are silent throughout, such as the morose caretaker, whose only dialogue is presented in a hilariously deadpan voiceover, and accompanied by the peculiar and rather European sounds of melodica. This storytelling style, in which every song and line is directed to the audience, makes it incredibly absorbing and easy to follow - allowing us to take in everything else of interest, considering that there are always a myriad of things to see.

Infectious piano music adds even more colour to this mesmerising show. Mustering all the sultry charm of a foreign film and satisfaction of a children’s - but with a delightfully wretched ending, 1927 have created something quite magical. It’s like nothing you’ll have seen before.

It’s also very much sold out.

Show Times: 21 – 28 August 4.10pm

Ticket Prices: £10 -£12