An Imaginary Circus Review

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Ben Maier
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Ben Maier's one man show held downstairs at Fiddlers Elbow, Picardy Place, was a tour de force by this young man, covering his range of talents as an actor foremost, but also his talent as a singer, poet, musician and a writer.

Maier weaves all these into an extraordinary story of his "Imaginary Circus" and, as he tells his story, he involves his audience, gently drawing them into the action and heightening the excitement as the story unfolds.

We see him tell of his past, of his hopes and fears as he glimpses a girl he falls in love with and then tries to contact her, but finally he meets the acrobat's forgotten daughter and by that time we are all involved!

Ben Maier has extraordinary energy and vitality which he cleverly conveys to the audience who become part of the show. 

Well worth seeing!

Ends 19 August, 6.30pm