Appointment with the Wicker Man Review 2

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National Theatre of Scotland
Vicky Featherstone (director) Greg Hemphill (writer) Donald McCleary (writer)
Greg Hemphill (Lord Summerisle/Finlay) Sean Biggerstaff (Howie) Jimmy Chisholm(Simon/Landlord) Johnny McKnight (Callum)Sally Reid (Marie) Paul Riley (Fran) Rosalind Sydney (Morag)
Running time

The spirit of Edinburgh’s Fringe festival continues to thrive in the National Theatre of Scotland’s Appointment with the Wicker Man. A comedy reworking of the famous 70s horror movie set on a remote Scottish isle, The Loch Parry Players are in trouble.

The lead in their latest show, The Wicker Man, has gone AWOL and they've had to draft in ‘real-life actor’ Rory Mulligan to fill his shoes. Realising he’s in over his head, the star tries to pull the show together. Only to discover there may be more sinister forces at work. If that wasn’t bad enough. The director hasn’t actually seen the ending to the original movie.

Written by Greg Hemphill and fellow Chewin’ The Fat (CtF) writer Donald McCleary. Appointment With The Wicker Man is an out-and-out farce and knows it. Throughout the 100 minute run time the audience is poked and prodded with every gag the team can muster. Those who have watched the film will pick up on things a little more than others but by and large the humour is broad enough to appeal to all.

Anyone who has seen CtF will recognise some familiar traits amongst the characters. Fans of Hemphill’s other classic, Still Game, will also be happy to see co-star Paul Riley amongst the cast hamming it up as thicko – Fran. The rest of the team, including 2011 Fringe hit Casablanca: The Gin Joint Cut’s Jimmy Chisholm, play along happily as they run the gamut of over-the-top characters that infest the village.

While not everybody will be a fan of Appointment With The Wicker Man’s humour, particularly when it verges on toilet – it’s homage to classic am-dram performances of the past will make it a favourite of the Fringe.


Til 26th Aug (not Mon)


£16 (£12)

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