Bitesize Chekhov Review

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Nick Newman (director), Anton Chekhov (writer)
Will Mytum, Michael Stanley, Helen Keech
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On the D'Animate website they say "we offer pure escapism to the general public." And that is exactly what this delightful production is all about. They have chosen three of Anton Chekhov's one-act plays - two of which are comic farces - and created a highly entertaining hour-long show. 

Anton Chekhov was a genius at concocting truly humorous, dramatic scenarios, and The Proposal is hilarious. The landowner Ivan Vasilyevich Lomov's attempts to propose to Natalya Stepanovna dissolve into complete farce when it becomes obvious that the true purpose of this proposal is solely for material gain - for all parties. 

Michael Stanley was superb as the neurotic Lomov, as was Will Mytum as the scyophantic father, Stepan Stepanich Chubukov. Helen Keech's performance as the daughter Natalya was excellent as her alluring disguise disintegrated when there was the possibility of her losing some of her land to Lomov. 

And The Bear is also an amusing scenario where a grieving widow - whose husband was continually unfaithful - is unexpectedly seduced by a creditor who has come to claim a substantial amount of money owed to him by her husband. 

Swan Song takes on a serious note. Will Mytum plays an older actor who is ruminating on episodes in his life - his loves, his losses. And he realises he is completely isolated, despite thunderous applause from audiences over the decades. 

With excellent acting from all three D'Animate actors, they have indeed created a most enjoyable, animated production in their Bitesize Chekhov show. 

Show Times: On until 15 August at 5.40pm

Ticket Prices: £7.50/£5.50