Don Juan, C ECA, Review

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Jackinabox Productions
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Don Juan has died and has gone to meet his maker, or rather the anti-maker, the Devil. We watch as Don Juan arrogantly attempts to argue his case and convince Satan that his role on earth has been nothing more than that of fun loving adventurer, a likeable rogue, the Devil has other ideas. 

In these hedonistic days Molière's classic is still an interesting vehicle to explore, to help discern the motives and implications of this lifestyle.

The interpretation of the characters, tone and setting are well chosen by the director and the whole production collectively sits somewhere between commedia dell'arte and baroque gothic. It's an engaging scene that is created. The play unfortunately begins with an unconvincing sword duel, which they'd probably do better to either improve to the point where it's convincing or just drop it, but things get better.

The Devil who is by far and away the best actor in the company is well played and beautifully presented as a measured, eloquent and sardonically mannered character. Don Juan however is not as confident and is inadequately convincing as the raging lothario. His accent disconcertingly wanders and occasional lines are mistimed or delivered in a faltering fashion.

Some well considered choices around costume, background music and make-up created a very effective atmosphere which was supported for the greater part by a good tempo in the delivery. Only occasionally did the pace slacken.

The press release refers to 'dynamic choreography' but it is in fact some shuffling, lifting and swaying of an indeterminate nature. It should also be noted that the stage on which the play is performed had an ambient temperature that was slightly hotter than the centre of a star that was about to go super nova. An unbelievable challenge for the actors and not conducive to an audience wishing to relax and concentrate.

Show times 1 - 27 August, (Not the 14) 18:45 (19:45)

Tickets £8.50 - £10.50 Concessions £6.50 - £8.50