Fruitful Ties and Bone Dust Review

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Steinvor Palsson / Matthew Hawkins and Lucy Suggate, The BodyFarm
Fruitful Ties: Steinvor Palsson (concept), Steinvor Palsson (choreography), Mister Pearl (costumes), Jeanine Davies (lighting). Bone Dust: Lucy Suggate (choreography), Jessica Kelly (video art), Johannes Hornberger (editing)
Steinvor Palsson, Matthew Hawkins (Fruitful Ties); Lucy Suggate (Bone Dust)
Running time

There are two separate and unrelated dances performed in this concentrated 44-minute slot.

The first half is a two-hander by Steinvor Palsson and Matthew Hawkins. This is a considered piece with images, motifs and sequences that set questions running in all directions. The relationship between the two dancers is explored: the balances, the checks, the bonds and the tensions.

It's full of detail and the dancers adopt a mannered, almost baroque style in places whilst little touches of humour and fun constantly break through. I must also mention that the costumes by Mister Pearl are superb and add to the whole nuance of the dance.

The second half is performed by Lucy Suggate. Not only is she a wonderful dancer, but her self-choreographed exploration of death and the implications for the dancer is exciting, intriguing and laugh-out-loud.

The opening section performed in a skull mask echoes the work of Hieronymus Bosch in his portrayal of the living dead: grotesque, beautiful and compelling. There follows a short dialogue with the audience where the dancer reveals something of herself and the quandary she faces in trying to understand how death impacts on the role of the dancer.

This interlude is very funny, allowing the audience to relax before the final compelling dance is delivered – a fluid and rhythmic sequence exploring the dissolution of the body, the separation of sinew, bone and tissue. 

Suggate's work is masterful, both in terms of her stylistic command and also in her ability to engage the audience. She achieves an exquisite balance between what is amusing and what is frightening, and it creates an extraordinary performance. This is a dancer of serious ability. I have absolutely no doubts we will be hearing more and more about her in the years to come.

Show Times: 23rd Aug: 2:00pm. 24th Aug: 3:00pm. 25th Aug: 4:00pm.

Ticket Prices: £10/8