Milk and Mucus Review

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Catwalk Performance Fashion (New Zealand)
Annie Tatton
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I never read press releases about a show until after I have seen it. Sometimes the show's creators attempt to explain what the purpose of the performance is and clarify their role, sometimes it's an aid to understanding the piece, but it's not an insight the general audience has so I avoid it until after the event.

Here's a short excerpt from the press release for Milk and Mucus:

'Born from research practise for a Masters programme in Fashion and Spatial Design, the piece exams the play between form (bodies, apparel, catwalk structure, milk, mucus) and forces (ground, movement, texture) joining to create a visible aesthetic expression in space. This show promises to be like nothing else at the Fringe and nothing like you've ever seen before.'

I don't fully understand the first sentence but I am fully in accord with the last. The message that the creator of this piece is trying to convey is opaque, metaphors and nuances are so subtle as to be invisible or unintelligible and its intentions obscured by an absence of clarity and a fog of obscuration.

Worth seeing if only to experience just how weird and bonkers stuff on the Fringe can get and it only lasts twenty minutes. An investment!

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4 - 9 August, 9:15am (9:35)