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Hand Made Theatre
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A young troupe of Russian performers has a show on at the Assembly Roxy unlike any other. Dressed in black with only their faces and hands exposed, they have created a physical theatre where hands and arms (and occasionally feet) are the only mode of expression.

It's childlike in its simplicity, but clearly requires a high level of discipline to successfully achieve this virtuosity. Fingers, palms, wrists and elbows combine and recombine to create scenes, tableaux and events with spectacular results. It's clever, inventive and audiences are soon enthralled by its magic.

Your imagination is captured from the start and the transformations that take place flow in quick succession with a momentum that never slackens. In the latter stages, a black light is used and arm-length white gloves are donned by the cast.

The ingenuity of this show rolls on for a packed 60 minutes. At various points the audience gasps with admiration and chuckles at the profusion of jokes and humorous incidents that are played out. The images that these hands create and their emotive quality is quite astonishing.

Show Times: 11-27 August, 2:30pm

Ticket Prices: £12-13