Daydream Review

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Crying Out Loud
Inne Goris and Dominique Pauwels, Koen Broos (photographer)
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Lie down and submit to a unique 15 minutes in this amazing space of changing colours and sounds.

In the rush and bustle that is the Edinburgh Fringe, there is a small space where you can leave your shoes at the door and settle down to be transported to wherever your mind takes you.

The blue shipping container that sits in Summerhall Courtyard is the home of the extraordinary installation that is Daydream from Belgium.

A small, white two-man tent with a neon strip light as its ceiling pole holds a soft mattress and cushions. In it you are bathed in a series of soft hues and enticed by music that changes tone to match the colour palette. Things go up some notches as the time goes on as you lie snug and safe in this cosy cocoon. Just fantastic!

Crying Out Loud are an established company who mixes the established with the embryonic; the experimental with the exceptionalthat has been creating memorable events for festivals and theatres in the UK, USA and Europe.

Friday 2 to Sunday 25 August

Shows start at 15 minute intervals from 11am to 3pm, 3.30pm to 7.30pm and 8pm to 11.45pm

Suitability all ages.