Making the Move, Just the Tonic, Review

Rating (out of 5)
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Gabriel Weissman (Director), Noah Altshuler (Playwright)
Emily Pintel (Hannah), Todd Rizley (Conner), Rachel Geisler (Charlotte), Daniel Tepper (Stan)
Running time

In today’s world of rapidity, this cute romcom – a first outing by 17-year-old playwright Noah Altshuler – ensures it can maintain our short attention spans by running at a mere twenty minutes.

Making the Move explores the notion of expectation versus reality, presenting a snapshot look at teenage angst and the intoxicating mix of terror, excitement and arousal that comes with going in for that first kiss; a moment we can all relate to and reminisce along with (or, quite frankly, wish had gone as smoothly as it does in this podcast sized poppet of a piece.)

The show moves along at an engaging pace, making the time go by easily without the delivery – a trio of conversations from past, present and future interchanging – wearing thin.

With just a battered old leather sofa and four actors onstage, we are intimately invited into the world of Hannah (Emily Pintel) and Connor (Todd Rizley), who both like each other but don’t know how to initiate the next level, so they seek advice from their besties Charlotte (Rachel Geisler) and Stan (Daniel Tepper).

Director Gabriel Weissman keeps Altshuler’s witty writing lively in a simplistic delivery that is refreshingly natural from a quartet who presents genuine characters you can’t help but like.

Sure, there are a few clichéd moments and it’s not ground-breaking subject matter, but the whole effect has that magic of finding a little gem off the mainstream that feels like the Fringe at its truest – fresh and experimental, rather than already commercially viable.

Slow down for 1200 seconds and let this easy, engaging new comedy charm you.

Until Sun 17 Aug at 12.15pm, £2 (£1)