Malasombra, Summerhall, Review

Rating (out of 5)
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auMents Visual Dance Theatre
Andrea Cruz-Tomeu Gomila (directing and choreography),
Max (Dramaturgy), Rodrigo Latorre, Kiko Barrenengoa, Puter, Gato (original music), Kiko Barrenengoa, Puter, Gato (live music), Manu Martínez (light)

Props and stage design: Max, Andrea Cruz, Tomeu Gomila.

Video: Roberto Rodriguez with original illustrations from Max

Costumes: Andrea Cruz

Technical support: Beni Schöter, Jordi Martínez

Pictures: Jaume Caldentey
Magda Tomas, Caty Carrasco, Tomeu Gomila
Running time

Malasombra is billed as a menacing fairytale, and is told in a style that is reminiscent of the old black and white silent movies.

Imposing silhouettes of trees flanked the white backcloth that formed a screen across the staging area, their bare branches reaching out like bony fingers. In front of the screen a girl danced and played with her shadow, until night came and she fell asleep.

Suddenly, looming large over them was the silhouette of a man in a long coat and bowler hat, carrying a cage. He captured and imprisoned the shadow and, on waking, the girl set out on a rescue mission that ended happily ever after.

The action took place both in front of and behind the white screen: the action behind presenting as dramatic silhouettes. Some of the shapes and shadows were visually arresting, but were unable to portray the story and therefore to sustain interest.

Promising at first, with some moments of surprise and delight and even the occasional hint of magic, it was ultimately disappointing.

Runs until 24th August at 2.40pm