Jess Robinson: The Rise of Mighty Voice, Pleasance Dome, Review

Submitted by JD Stewart on Fri, 7 Aug '15 5.38pm
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Phil McIntyre Entertainments
Rohan Acharya (director), Jess Robinson & Nick Doody (writers)
Jess Robinson & Kirsty Newton
Running time

Jess Robinson lies a lot. Her psychologist likes to call it "problem lying". Whatever it’s classed as, it’s pretty funny, and along with her blistering vocal impressions it works well in the telling of the Rise of Might Voice.

The setup is cabaret style with a bar in the room, and from the moment she bursts onto the stage singing the millennial version of Lady Marmalade/Bang Bang, you know exactly what you’re in for.

Robinson glides through the impressions, ranging from Jessie J to Christina Aguilera with incredible panache.

Accompanying Jess on the keyboard is her best friend Kirsty, a talented girl in her own right, and the two play well together in terms of banter and musical chops. The music in the opening number was a little loud – sometimes the impressions seemed like they were drowning – but as the show progressed she hit her stride and there was no denying how talented she really is.

The show was broken up with stories about the “Lies Jess Tells” and also a wonderful Natalie Cassidy impression that leaves you wondering if she (Cassidy) could really be so much more.

The back of the stage was adorned with a Musical Wheel of Fortune, which was periodically spun and added to the sheer amusement and flexibility of Robinson’s range. A personal highlight was Billie Holiday. When you experience what she does with Nicki Minaj you’ll be left amazed, and also curious at where the rap star found a lot of her influences.

Overall, this was a delightful hour of music and comedy from Robinson, who has a wonderful enthusiasm and wonder about her that really left me wanting more. A younger audience may appreciate the vocal acrobatics – there was the odd swear word here and there so be warned if that’s not your thing. If you go, then take your friends and be prepared to have one thing: fun.

7-30 August (not 17 or 24), 9.40pm, £10.50 (Concessions £9).