Jenny Bede: Don't Look At Me, Pleasance Courtyard, Review

Submitted by JD Stewart on Tue, 11 Aug '15 7.45pm
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Jenny Bede
Jenny Bede
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Writer, actress, comedian, and singer Jenny Bede has got it all and in her new show, “Don’t Look At Me,” she proves it.

Hailing from Pinner – the same town as Elton John – Bede studied at the Royal Academy of Music and left with a Distinction.

Following this, she went on to make a series of parody videos on YouTube that have so far gained over two million views.

Bede’s show at the Fringe is a mixture of stand-up and musical interludes that she performs with great energy and force. It’s clear, especially within the songs, that Bede not only has a great singing voice but she also has the ability to reduce the room to laughter with her sick lyrics and rhymes.

The show topics range from Game of Thrones to how Drake the rapper is like her mom to the world’s obsession with songs about bums.

Within each musical interlude, we are treated to some charming comic tales from Bede’s life. However, there were moments when these sections seemed a little forced and the links slightly tenuous. This didn’t stop the crowd from enjoying her rap-style observations and wit.

There is no denying that Bede is a wonderful wordsmith in her songs and they really are a highlight in this fifty-minute comedy piece. Her powerful personality also shone through in the audience interaction and she came across as someone who was nothing short of lovely.

Despite the ever-growing heat within every Pleasance venue, the audience was more than game to have Bede take them anywhere.

It has just been announced that Bede has been commissioned to make her own pilot for BBC, which is most definitely welcome news. The airwaves could do with a slice of harshly funny but true observational comedy from this quadruple threat of a talent.

11-30 August (Not 24), £10 (Concessions £9). Age Guideline 16+.