Ockham's Razor: Arc and Every Action, Underbelly Circus Hub, Review

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Ockham's Razor
Ali King (Producer), Turtle Key Arts (Producer), Alex Harvey (Artistic Director), Ruth Naylor-Smith (Director-Arc), Derek Nisbet (Music-Arc), Samuel Jornot (Director- Every Action), Bim Mason (Director-Every Action), The Penguin Cafe Orchestra (Music- Every Action), Tina Bicat (Costume)
Charlotte Mooney (Arc & Every Action), Alex Harvey (Arc & Every Action), Tina Kock (Arc & Every Action), Meline Danielwicz (Every Action)
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Ockham's Razor's aerial theatre brings circus into a whole new dimension with their new show, ‘Arc and Every Action’. Specialising in custom-made apparatus rather than traditional circus equipment, each piece is unique to the structure created which amounts to something quite spectacular.

The show has two parts: 'Arc', a 30-minute piece performed on an aerial “raft” of metal bars, and ‘Every Action’, with a giant rope suspended between a pulley system in which even the smallest move will affect the other performers.

Along with aerial acrobatics like no other, storytelling takes the forefront as the company favour plot and the emotion created through the reliance on trust over purely dramatic stunts.

Beginning with ‘Arc’, the performers are suspended and stranded on a floating raft. As they try to figure out their surroundings they experience loneliness, love and play as they swing, hang and twist through their new environment.

‘Every Action’ takes a more comedic approach as four characters dressed in office attire present their boxes, sizing each other’s up in the process. Faced with two hanging ropes joined at the top they soon realize they need the help of each other to climb, hang and swing from them.

Almost like a scene from Peter Pan, the characters of ‘Arc’ float around the raft in flowing dresses and trouser braces. The piece has a playful innocence to it that captures the child within the audience. It is almost easy to forget the strength these performers need to throw themselves from pole to pole as each acrobat makes it seem effortless, not to mention that they are suspended high above the ground.

The beauty of ‘Arc is in the emotion and expressions of the actors combined with their acrobatic skills, and it tells an endearing story. Avoiding purely “jaw-dropping” tricks it takes a welcome step back from the usual circus acts and gives the performance depth.

‘Every Action’ almost adds an element of clowning to aerial theatre, where subtle looks and moves gain huge laughs. The premise of the piece - every action has an opposite reaction - is explored in a light-hearted and hugely entertaining manner whilst also showing just how much trust these performers have in one and other. A charming twist on circus, Ockham's Razor has created something really special here.

Performances: 7-22nd August, 1.25pm, Underbelly Circus Hub