RED, Dancebase, Review

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Carl Knif Company
Carl Knif (Choreography) Jukka Huitila (Lighting Design) Janne Hast (Sound Design) Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila (Costume Design) Anssi Ruotanen & Riku Elo (Technicians) Ona Ukkola (Producer)
Carl Knif (Dancer)
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We all struggle with internal conflicts, we all move to the edge of the emotional abyss from time to time. This dance by Carl Knif seeks to explore the extremes of human nature sometimes heavily charged and, on occasion, touchingly intimate.

The sound track is beautifully matched to the dance, its structures and forms. This coupled with heavy strobe lights, visually echoing the performers' movements, creates some strong and memorable images.

Carl Knif provides a spoken narrative while dancing, the prose also have an echo, repeating phrases and a maintained regular momentum. One memorable phrase was the description of someone as 'just a milestone in my time' line.

I experienced a sense of isolation, loneliness and occasionally the banalities of life we have to endure. The changes in emotional temperature are gradual and the entire work maintains a steady progression.

It's an intense piece requiring concentration and focus to fully absorb and enjoy it. The ending or conclusion of the piece is one of the best I have seen this Fringe, simple and poignant.

I did experience some mild discomfort during the early stages of the performance due to the overhead strobing lights. In the latter stages the light source appeared to be projected from the front and this was much more comfortable.

Show Times: 5–21 August 2016, 9pm

Suitability: 14+ (This show features full frontal male nudity and strobe lighting.)