Are We Stronger Than Winston?, Greenside @Nicolson Square, Review

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Vou Dance Fiji
Navi Fong (Choreographer) Vanessa Eden (Marketing and Arts Administrator)
Sesalina Suliana, Ta'Arei Weeks, Ke-Anna Jutta, Eddie Soro, Jiuta Tigarea, Rusi Rokilibau, Edwin Saladoka (Dancers)
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This performance focuses on the island of Fiji and the aftermath of Cyclone Winston, the biggest cyclone they have ever encountered. It tells the agonising story of its people and the aftermath.

The show opens in very dim light. Initially the forms and sequences of the dancers are repetitive and for my tastes overly long. I can be engaged by long repeating sequences if the choreography is both interesting or original or it creates a cadence or tension. The opening sequence did none of these things for me. I grew restless waiting for the piece to develop and progress.

Dance is the universal language - no matter our culture or background, we can often watch dance and begin to interpret and understand some meaning or just as effectively begin to project our own. For thirty minutes it was difficult to connect with the performance, to understand and interpret the association to Cyclone Winston and at best that connection and the communication of it was opaque.

However, the show improved immeasurably for me when one of the dancers delivers an intense raging monologue about the death of her child caused by the cyclone which is followed by a skull pounding dance beat to which the dancers with verve and energy smash through. The power of this piece now begins to flow out of the dance space and into the audience and it is invigorating.

Until 13 Aug, 10pm