May-We-Go-Round?, Dance Base, Review

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The Hiccup Project
Cristina MacKerron, Chess
Dillon-Reams (Choreography)
Cristina MacKerron, Chess Dillon-Reams
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Vitality runs as a strong current through this piece. Chess Dillon-Reams and Cristina MacKerron have devised an autobiographical dance piece which is touching, endearing and funny.

In many ways this form of dance is one of the most fascinating, where the performer opens a door and shares, using both narrative and physical performance, their personal experiences, successes and failures.

It's a neatly devised show twisting the audience through the labyrinth of their dating disasters and romantic wranglings, the two seemingly slipping in and out of performance to interact directly with the audience. If your lucky enough you'll get the strongest vodka drink on the Fringe - you have been warned.

During some scenes the dancers carry shoulder bags into which they dive for quick costume changes. The bags are metaphors for the psychological baggage their past encounters have bequeathed them and although packed full they are not weighed down by them.

These two dancers are a match made in heaven: their styles, characters and dancing blending, melding and forming together into a great humorous laughing ball of energy. Their back firing relationships and encounters are mostly funny but a lining of sadness sometimes emerges from the folds of mirth.

This show should have a sequel, 'The Continuing Adventures of Chess and Christina'. They have the kind of performance magic and relationship which is rarely encountered, their friendship is beguiling and for an hour you can share in it.

Until 14th 6.45pm, £12 (£10)