Red and the Wolf, Greenside Nicholson Square, Review

Rating (out of 5)
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Prospero Theatre
Beth Wood (Director) Alistair Lindsay (Technical Designer) Louise Harter (Stage Manager) Jill Wilson (Set and Prop Design) David Rowan (Original Music)
Rebecca Riley, Charmaine Bourton, John Hooper, Roisin Potter, Ella Richards, Katie Child, Sergio Taddia, Steve Morrison, Adam Kavanagh-Walker, Nigel Simmonds, Michael Hartigan, Mima Webb
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This retelling of a classic fairy tale is not what it seems. Set against a backdrop of war, this story takes place on two planes of reality; the real, war torn, dangerous world were food is scarce and loyalties are divided, and the magical, where soldiers become wolves in the forest and a deep desire is woken in our heroine. Red is sent into the woods with her grandmother’s red cloak as a decoy, but she is not as vulnerable as she seems.

Little Red Riding Hood is a story known to everyone and there are many and varied interpretations. It is refreshing to see something new where this story is concerned; using war as a backdrop means that everybody shares the danger which is often seen as Red’s alone, and acts of violence are not as abnormal as they should be.

There were moments where the plot was unsure and the fact that reality and fantasy overlapped was slightly confusing, but it ended with a strong image and the commitment from cast members was great.

This is an interesting take, focussing on war tragedies rather than the classic coming of age story.

Times: 17-27 August, 1.50pm
Tickets: £10 (£7)