Blank Tiles, Assembly George Square Studios, Review

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Dylan Cole
Dylan Cole (Writer)
Dylan Cole (Performer

Austin has Alzheimer's disease and it is progressing Q-U-I-C-K-L-Y(25 points). His beautiful wife Daisy has told him to document his memories before he forgets them, so that is what he is doing - or at least trying to. Equipped with a Scrabble board and a dictaphone Dylan Cole performs this fictional, autobiographical life story with great heart, bags of whimsical wit and a real sense of fear.

Childhood evenings spent playing Scrabble with his grandmother lead this recluse to the World Championships. With a love of language and a brain bank of over 20,000 words Austin took the crown, and fell in love. As he recounts these events, the disease begins to take hold leaving Austin a few tiles short.

A critically acclaimed artist, Cole has drawn on his personal experiences with his own late grandmother, as well as extensive research into the game and the disease. Without loss of respect for the disease or the game, Cole presents a neurotic character with an endearing charm and a sharp mind being blunted. Although he wills you to join him in a chuckle, there is a real sense of loss in his eyes as the memories fade away.

Unsettling in its end, Cole’s B-I-T-T-E-R-S-W-E-E-T (48 points on a triple word score) - yet unequivocally respectful - performance spells out how vital memories are to our existence and frightening reality of losing them.

3 - 28th Aug (Not 14), 15.55