Buzz: A New Musical (2017), Pleasance Courtyard, Review

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Fat Rascal Theatre
Robyn Grant (Book and Lyrics) James Ringer-Beck (Music), Cat Robey (Director) Henry Brennan (Orchestrations/Musical Director) Matthew Ives and Allie Munro (Choreographers) Declan Randall (Lighting Designer) Laura Elmes (Producer)
Allie Munro (Angie), George Pointon (Mark/Ensemble), Robyn Grant (Chrissy/Emsemble), Andrew Dillon (Simon/Aphrodite/Ensemble), Jamie Masson (Graham/Ensemble), Rosie Raven (Cleopatra/Ensemble), Katie Wells (Pamela/Kimberly/Ensemble)
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Batteries charged and vocal cords lubricated, the fabulously funny, feminist musical Buzz returns to Edfringe with more vigor than before. Winning 2017 Brighton Fringe Otherplace/Balkan Award and the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Eddies Award, this educationally erotic ensemble are ones to watch as they remove the red handkerchief from the romance lamp of loving oneself.

Recently single Angie finds herself without anyone or anything to love. Delving into the realms of the internet and Ann Summers, she discovers the world she’s been missing and where it all came from. Venturing back to the Cavewomen, Cleopatra and a set of hysterical Victorian women, there is full disclosure on this topic, with no holes barred!

Lifting the covers on the taboo of the female orgasm, Robyn Grant’s musical is crammed with hilarity, sharp wit and a plethora of groaners - in more ways than one. Performing alongside co-artistic director Allie Munro’s ever-so-british Angie, Grant’s best friend Chrissy is an uproarious sidekick whom has every audience member eagerly anticipating her next side-splitting line.

Surpassing any sex education ever taught in a british secondary school, the content of the show is truly interesting, and should it not be so honest in its language, would be a brilliant tool for the UK teaching systems to employ for teenage girls entering adulthood.

Succinct and sexy, it is a real pleasure to watch this fanatical cast wave their magic wands - or whatever else comes to hand - and magic an hour of exceptional musical theatre onto the stage.

10 - 28 (not 14) August at 15.30
Age Guidance: 14+