Escape 2, Greens @ Nicolson Square, Review

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LCP Dance Theatre
Stefano Guzzetti (Music composition) Lidhka Inga (Graphic Design & Video Projection) Joanna Koralewska (Film Production) Joanna Koralewska – film production
Emma Saville (Social Media Marketing)
Joanna Puchala (Artistic Direction, Choreography and Performance) Natalie Taylor (Choreography, Performance and Film Editing) Shiloh Scyner (Performance)
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The pole has been co-opted into exploring and highlighting the world of the boat refugee. London LCP professional dance company have also tied and hung fabric to the pole which the dancers then use in their performance.

The pole stands totem like in the centre of the stage around which the dancers coalesce, coming and going, and for the most part performing in solo or in duets. The juxtaposition of the dance pole and its western connotations when used in this context is an interesting and challenging idea. In the opening stages the piece is measured, almost low key with a slow and constant rhythm of interplay between the music and dancers.A break occurs with a short video clip where a young girl recounts here journey to Europe. It is a deeply moving piece; her innocence expressing such a terrible experience. A single suitcase is a reoccurring motif in the choreography, carrying and reflecting the isolation and despair of the boat refugees.

There is a strong range of engaging interactions using the the bolt of cloth and the pole. A delicate play between balance, spin and form. The possibilities of tone and form are explored in detail and depth. The material stretches, blends and forms with the movement of the performers but is also dispensed with at various points. The choreography around the pole was interesting but ultimately I felt it began to become almost restrictive of the talents of the dancers.

The dancers eventually do move away from the pole in the latter stages and a broader level of freedom and interpretation follows.

4-19 Aug, 11.30 – 12.20