City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Fauna, Assembly Roxy, Review

By Garry Platt - Posted on 03 August 2017

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Assembly Roxy
Fauna Circus
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Daniel Cave-Walker, Enni-Maria Lymi, Matt Pasquet, Rhiannon Cave-Walker, Imogen Huzei (Performers) Geordie Little (Guitarist, Musician and Sound Artist)

This event is spectacular, I repeat: SPECTACULAR! I guarantee this will be one of the major hits of Edinburgh Fringe 2017.

This show draws together several threads into a powerful and memorable experience. I don’t know exactly where animal athleticism crosses over the line and becomes dance and I certainly don’t know where dance transcends into a magnetic and compelling art form, but this show steps over both barriers and becomes something else. I am not certain how you describe the performers; acrobats, dancers, athletes perhaps magicians is the best name to apply.

The animal forms and instincts from which the performers have drawn their inspiration is clearly evident throughout. The forms and moods created all feel dangerous and edgy, creating a compelling atmosphere which pours off the stage and flows up and over the audience like a tsunami. Some parts of the show draw gasps of amazement (bordering on terror) from the audience. I was sat with 3 four year olds whose attention was captured for the whole time, now that’s an achievement.

The wonderful sound and music accompaniment is excellent and creates a synergistic meld with the performers achieving a level of success not often reached. There are moments of passion, moments of terror, moments of humour through the 60 minutes. It altogether is one of the best physical performance shows I have seen in years.

3-27 August@ 13.30