Form, Pleasance Dome, Review

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Retina Theatre
Jordan Choi, Alex Mangan, Tom Mangan
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The constriction of order or the terror of chaos, these are two of the competing themes present in this engaging piece of physical theatre. There is a rapture in discipline and control, a reward for measure and definition. But alongside this comes constriction, disengagement and an erosion of the soul. Three performers portray the mundane, repetitive nature of office life, until a rebellion beings to form and then things become very, very interesting.

Retina Theatre raise some very real as well as challenging questions. The issues revolve around life and work and living. Many of us face these challenges as work does not always result in fulfilment. This performance piece brings this out in high resolution.

The performers use mime in a rudimentary but effective form to create and define a stifling office world together with the simplest of props; tables, stationary and 20,000 paper balls, yes, that's right, 20,000 paper balls. Over the course of the show the world transfigures so many times into so many different worlds and some remarkable vistas and tableau's are created.

It's an enthralling piece which very quickly grabs the audience. In the latter stages an underwater scene never quite achieved what it's potential could be and two solo sequences broke what I felt was the pace and rhythm of the piece.

The show finishes with an incredibly powerful scene and metaphor which still resonates with me now. The technical support is impeccable with lights and sound being perfectly timed to the point at which it becomes an invisible adjunct and support to the performers. An excellent show and altogether well worth seeing.

2-28 Aug, 12:00