City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Mother's Ruin: A Cabaret about Gin, Rose Theatre, Review

By Erin Roche - Posted on 04 August 2017

Maeve Marsden and Libby Wood in Mother's Ruin
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Rose Theatre
Maeve Marsden and Libby Wood
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Meave Marsden (creator), Libby Woods (creator), Anthea Williams (director), Jeremy Brennan (musical director), Elly Baxter (researcher),
Maeve Marsden, Libby Wood, Tom Dickins

History, hilarity, and debauchery ensue with Maeve Marsden and Libby Wood, accompanied by the marvelous Tom Dickins, as your two gin historians, serving up their tales with intoxicating harmonies, delicious G&Ts, and pure cheek.

Parody is paramount here: these babely broads cover Fever (now a “malarian burlesque” number), Amy Winehouse, and even the Our Father (oh, yes- clutch your pearls, dearies). It’s not common to see a cabaret where the schtick is as good as the sound, and Mother's Ruin was a rare gem of cabaret gold.

Highlights of the night: using a cocktail shaker as a maraca, a Billy Joel sing-a-long, and three part harmonies as clear as, well, gin.

With a cocktail in hand (provided for by Four Pillars Gin at the start of the show), the audience journeys with these two Aussie ladies through the origins of gin, spending a bit of time to showcase the history of the spirit through a feminist perspective, something unique to this specific historical telling.

This is a show that balances character comedy, delicious melody, and vaudeville with fascinating facts spanning settings like 18th century London, New York speakeasies, and Peruvian jungles. With beautiful voices and clever (and expertly researched) gin puns, shenanigans, and stories, Mother's Ruin certainly makes for a wildly entertaining evening. Informative, fierce, fun!

Mother's Ruin is playing Aug 2-13, 15-20, 22-27 at 18:15 age recommend 16+ *Proof of age may be requested - 16-18 year olds must be accompanied by a guardian